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UG| OG War Destroyer

Bio: My handle is BlockBuster Jon.

Yes, I got that name because I used to work at Blockbuster R.I.P.

I've been playing and competing in fighting games for over 11 years. I primarily play Street Fighter. I play Street Fighter 2,3,4,5, and Alpha 3, but my main games would be Ultra SF4 and SFV.

In addition to competing, I used to regularly commentate SF4 at WNF from 2012 to early 2015.

I would say my biggest moment in my stint in fighting games would be placing 65th in USF4 at Evo 2014. Beating Mago at Evo 2015 would be a close second.

Twitter: @BlockBusterJon



Having been in the FGC for over 20 years, "OG's" genuine love for the Marvel scenes is very evident in his energetic commentary.


He brings a sense of passion, liveliness, and a level of authenticity that is unparalleled by his peers.




Comfortable as an announcer, play by play, or color commentator; OG is a natural behind the microphone and is a sure fire way to ensure that fighting game competitions are conveyed with maximum hype.


"Marvel Matrix" Weekly Commentator - Super Arcade (2 years)

"Clash of the Stones" Resident Commentator - Untamed Gaming Online (2017- current)

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Brackets Commentary - Undefeated 2019

Fate of Two Worlds Finale Commentary - Combo Breaker 2019

Basement Brawls Resident Commentator - Untamed Gaming (current)

Twitter: @OG_WarDestroyer


data| Shadowace

Bio: Jose Dominguez Jr "UG| DJVest" is the Founder/Owner of Untamed Gaming. He's from Pasadena, California and been playing fighting games for 20+ years.​ His main games are UMVC3, GranBlue, USF4, SFV, OverWatch, etc.


Retro Throwback UMVC3 PS4 Online Tournament Season 1 Champion hosted by Untamed Gaming

Twitter: @DJ_Vest


Bio: Name is Shadow Ace, been commentating and competing for over 10 years now, orignally entered the tournament scene when Vanilla SF4 came out and been playing ever since. I play mostly street fighter titles and I have won a few events here and there; my biggest joy in commentating watching upsets and seeing the underdogs pull off the W's agaisnt the veteran players the next time you go grocery shopping remember to pick up a box of Golden Grahams and feel free to thank me later :D

Origins: Atlanta, GA

Main Games

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter 6



Bio: I'm a local tourney player from Georgia, former online tournament organizer. I play a bunch of fighting games. Mostly specialize in Smash bros. and UMVC3.

Twitter: @BlackDanielAF

Bio: I’m a newer player but I like to travel to events, started to pick up fighting games when MKX dropped in 2015. Could not find anything more entertaining. Played a lot of Dragonball FighterZ until I first hand witnessed top 8 Tekken 7 at Evo 2019. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Dropped everything to pursue my goal of being a pro Tekken player. 1 year down, many more to come.

Main Game:

Tekken 7


ob CASh

Origins: New Jersey
Bio: Played the Tekken series (plus a few other fighting games) very casually since childhood. New to the competitive FGC scene, started participating in New Jersey locals and bigger tournaments in 2019. Amateur commentator for Tekken. 
Main Game:
Tekken 7

Origins: San Diego, CA


Main Games:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle



Guilty Gear Strive

Bio : I just love Fighting games and  I consider myself somewhat of a “Fighting Game Connoisseur” if you will.  If there’s a fighting game to be played, I will play it, be it mainstream or not.

I’ve competed in tons of games over the years such as Guilty Gear Naruto GNT4, Blazblue, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Marvel 3, Marvel Infinite, Mortal Kombat, just to name a few.  Guilty Gear and Marvel 3 being the biggest for me as these are the games I spent the most time playing and the ones that helped shape me as a player, as well as the games that I have developed some of the deepest friendships from.

As a player, I may not be the “strongest in the world”, but I am definitely a force to be reckoned with.  I pride myself on my defense and my ability to “think outside the box” in the way I approach my characters. I have made it to 2nd and 3rd rounds of pools at evo a few times, made top 8’s at multiple smaller local tourneys, and have leant my long time FG knowledge to my to helping level up my local scenes.

I started my hand in commentary during the heyday of Marvel 3 and have been hooked ever since.  I’ve also done commentary for Marvel Infinite and currently BBtag.  I’ve always been very much of a “Bring the hype” style commentator, but I have recently found that I get a lot of joy out of also bringing knowledge about what’s going on in game to viewers that may not be as familiar or just be starting out and I feel that now I bring a healthy level of both to the table.

Twitter: @Rayzyrbyrn


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