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Retro Throwback UMVC3 Season 4 PS4 Online Tournament #4 Results! 11/23/19

Retro Throwback UMVC3 Season 4 just went down tonight!

Your new winner is Joey D for tonight. High level UMVC3 player all the way from Illinois won the whole thing with Zero/Doom/Vergil.

Romora (Zero/Doom/Vergil, Colorado) (Previous Winner of the last Retro Throwback UMVC3 Tournament) got 2nd place. Romora fought against Joey D in grand finals. Romora was able to do the bracket reset, but Joey D beat Romora 3-1 in the second set.

UG| BMan got 3rd Place. UG| BMan (Phoenix Wright/Dante/Vergil, New York City) was rocking his Iron Fist/Ryu/Hawkeye team for the whole the tournament until he got 3rd place!

Shout out to UG| DJVest & UG| BMan for holding it down on the mic for commentary!

We will be uploading the tournament footage to our Youtube channel soon!

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