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MVCI Clash of the Stones Season 5 #4 Results 11/30/19

Congrats to TLT| Tayson for winning the MVCI Clash of The Stones Season 5 PS4 Online Tournament #4 (FOTW Event) Hosted By: Untamed Gaming 

1st Place: TLT| Tayson

2nd Place:  RoboCuzz

3rd Place: Mango4Tango

TLT| Tasyon came all the way from losers to take the whole thing. 

RoboCuzz got 2nd place. He beat a lot of good players like Mango4Tango, TLT| Tayson, etc. He took down both TLT| Tayson and Mango4Tango and put them into losers.

Mango4Tango got 3rd place. He was putting work in the tournament with his Hawkeye/Spencer team in the tournament.

Shout out to UG| Jako Man & UG| War Destroyer for doing commentary on the mic!

We will be uploading the footage to our UG Youtube channel soon!

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