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MK11 Season 1 PS4 Online Tournament #2 Results 11/22/19

Your new winner is FluxWaveZ for tonight. One of the new players who enter tournament and rocking with Cetrion.

ATLFierce (Previous Winner of the first MK11 Tournament) got 2nd place. FluxWaveZ put ATLFierce into losers from Winners Finals. ATLFierce face FluxWavez again in Grand Finals. ATLFierce was able to do the bracket reset on him, but FluxWaveZ took the tournament with a 3-1 score in the bracket reset.

NG| Reconrival got 3rd place. He's a new player and he is a part of TeamNoGame. He main Sonya Blade. He was putting in work in the tournament! Make sure to follow the TeamNoGame crew on Twitter!

Twitter: @TeamNoGame

Shout out to Powerslight & UG| Jako Man for holding it down on the mic for commentary!

We will be uploading the tournament footage to our Youtube channel soon!

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