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For Battle of Souls - Deck builder (No Limit Games)

This is a brand new game. It is based on the battle of souls universe. 

To make this story line more clear.. Battle of souls back story is that the players are immortals that live in a realm that coincides with earth's realm. They have watched the battles of earth from the beginning of time. Now a tournament has begun in the immortal realm that will crown the immortal that posses the most soul power as the king of the immortals. So they call forth the fallen warriors souls of earth to do battle on their behalf.

With the deck builder, one of the legendary warriors that was called forth realizes what is going on, then he and his fellow warriors overpower their immortal master and imprison him. They take his soul capture device and enter the tournament to become the new rulers of the immortal realm. Now the other immortals (players) must work together to stop him from claiming the throne.

The deck builder is currently in ver. 1.4 after some minor tweaks and adjustments during my last round (1st round) of play testing. I will be doing playtests and demos of this game as well in September at the strategicon virtual convention.

Currently the samurai deck is done, and I'm working on the viking deck with hopes of having it completed before the convention.

By the way, it is free to join the convention (at least it was for the last one) so it would be a very opportunistic time to live stream the demos on social media. The last ones were streamed as well.

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