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Coronavirus Spreading around the FGC

As everyone know that the new virus “Coronavirus” is spreading at China first and now it’s all over around Japan, Europe, and few other countries. Some of tournaments has been postponed or canceled. Capcom has remove Capcom Pro Tour 2020 points at Brussels Challenge 2020, NorCal Regionals 2020, and April Annihilation 2020. Bandai Namco announced that the Tokyo Tekken Masters event of the Tekken World Tour is being delayed. More events at South Korea and Japan has been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus. As of right now, Joey Cuellar (Mr. Wizard Owner of EVO) has made a tweet on Twitter that they won’t be delaying EVO for this year.

We’re going to find out soon or later if the coronavirus will effect more tournaments/events this year.

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